SHRM UW Madison Fall 2017 Application

To apply to be a member, click here. Applications are due by 5pm on October 2nd.

Don’t forget to:

  • Pay Your Dues ($40/Semester OR $70/Year) – check, cash, or venmo (@shrm-uwmadison)
  • Join SHRM on Campus Groups
  • Email resume to

Gain leadership experience and get more involved by joining one of our committees or the mentorship program! (Each counts as one freebie point!)

Progress Committee Application – The Progress Committee strives to make improvements and look for ways to make the organization better. As a member of the Progress Committee you will have the opportunity to take the reigns and plan events and work on projects that you think would benefits SHRM. In the past the Progress Committee has planed company visits to Chicago and Milwaukee, helped achieve the SHRM Merit Award, planned fundraisers for the organization and planned socials.

Outreach Committee Application – The Outreach Committee works toward expanding SHMR’s reach on campus and in the community. As a member of the Outreach Committee you will have the opportunity to help our organization help others. In addition you have the opportunity to bring ideas of your own to increase SHRM’s outreach!

Sign Up for the Mentorship Program – The Mentorship Program is a great opportunity for upperclassmen to share their advice and expertise and for underclassmen to have someone to reach out to whenever they may help, advice, or suggestions as they get used to college and the business school. Apply as a mentor or mentee today!